You might not have to be stuck at home after all. Some residents of Toronto will be eligible to self-isolate in a new centre if their home is too crowded. The Toronto isolation centre will be available to those who choose to go, and they will even provide you with meals.

The project is part of a $13.9 million investment in Toronto paid for by the Government of Canada over a period of 12 months.

According to a news release, the building will have around 140 rooms available and will be located somewhere in the city, although the address has not yet been specified.

The service during your stay sounds like a good deal, based on the amenities they offer, including meals.

"Individuals will be provided with lodging, including bedding and other necessities, daily meals and incidentals, and daily check-ins by phone from a Toronto Public Health Communicable Disease Investigator," says the release.

Narcity has reached out to the Minister of Health's office to confirm if it would be free of charge to stay there. However, the office does not have an answer at this moment. 

The program is intended for those living in low-income communities where it may be difficult to self-isolate.

Based on data collected by the government, lower-income residents are getting disproportionately affected by COVID-19. 

Toronto Public Health will be in touch with people from the neighbourhoods most impacted to offer them the option of voluntary self-isolation at the centre.

Eligibility will be determined by the Ontario Medical Officer of Health, says the newsletter.

The centre aims to decrease community transmission by providing safe venues for those populations most affected to take precautions if there is a surge in cases.

"We know that household contact is one of the most common ways that this virus is spread in the community. This isolation site is a critical step in our resurgence planning to limit virus spread and keep residents safer as we live with COVID-19," said Eileen de Villa. 

The government has been making moves to service communities that have been struggling more than others during the pandemic. 

They also announced that low-income neighbourhoods in Toronto will be receiving free WiFi for up to a year in order to help with remote learning and work.

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