Now that Toronto has declared a state of emergency, businesses and venues are shutting down across the city. With residents feeling financially uncertain about the future, rent is a question that has been looming over tenants across the 6ix. A Toronto "Keep Your Rent" movement has started up in the city and it is calling on people to collectively not pay rent next month. 

A website, which has gained over 3,000 followers on Facebook this past month is encouraging tenants to forego their rent payments on April 1. 

"On April 1, we're keeping our rent," states the Keep Your Rent website.

"Thousands of us deciding to keep our rent gives us the resources to better provide for the health and well-being of our families and communities," their website continues. 

Tons of posters that read "keep your rent April 1" have also been appearing on mailboxes, telephone polls and walls across the city in an attempt to get residents to participate in the movement. 

According to CTV News, tenant advocates are even writing letter outlines that other residents can give to their landlords when they refuse to pay their rent.  

Keep Your Rent told Narcity that, "What we are working toward is that as many people as possible understand that there should be no shame or fear in people making the responsible decision to keep their rent. That other tenants are going through similar difficulties and that we shouldn't have to deal with them alone."

This movement comes after Doug Ford announced last week that eviction notices will be "suspended until further notice" during these trying times. 

This government move is set to protect those who have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic and simply cannot afford to pay their rent this month. 

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released a report called "The Rent Is Due Soon" which says that "based on 2016 data, 46% of working tenant households have less than one month of employment income in savings.

However, it is unclear whether those behind this movement are unable to pay rent next month, or if they are simply choosing not to. 

Earlier this week, Toronto's mayor John Tory called on landlords to "do what they can to help tenants who suddenly find themselves in a very different circumstance." 

In a statement, Tory announced that Toronto Community Housing is working with tenants who have lost their jobs to ensure that they don't lose their homes during this time

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