Photo cred - The Star

A few months ago, a guy named Jordan Axani took to Reddit with a mission: find a girl with the exact same name as his ex to go traveling around the world with. The backstory: he and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, had bought a bunch of tickets for this round the world tour. Elizabeth broke up with him shortly after, and Jordan didn't want the tickets to go to waste.

Last month, Jordan found his new Elizabeth, and the duo took off on their journey. They are now back. They ended up not being able to make it to India, which was meant to be the last leg of their journey, because of visa issues. So they decided to point to a random spot on a map, and just go there.

This landed them in Hong Kong, where they did all the necessary sight seeing, while being shadowed by the Toronto Star. And if you're wondering if anything romantic happened between them, they insist that it didn't. Although Elizabeth sure looks unhappy to be there in all of the Star's pictures of them together.


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