The people of Toronto on an online witch hunt after a man is going viral after yelling "FHRITP" at a female reporter. The derogatory comment was directed at Erica Natividad of CityTV while she was conducting an interview on Friday night and has since been shared all across social media. 

The trend of yelling things at TV reporters isn't new but it came to a very disturbing point a couple of years ago when men started yelling "f*ck her right in the p*ssy" (FHRITP) at female reporters. A famous example of this in Toronto is when Toronto FC fans yelled "FHRITP" at CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt as she was broadcasting live from the TFC home opener in May 2015. Hunt actually proceeded to call the men out and one of them who worked at Hydro One was temporarily fired because of it. 

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Now, almost four years later the disgusting practice has returned to the city. It appears that the latest incident happened near Scotiabank Arena. Fortunately this time, the reporter wasn't on live TV and the cameraman actually followed the man behind it to try and identify him.  Tony Fera, a CityTV cameraman shared footage of the entire incident on his twitter. 

The tweets have been viewed over 40,000 times, have been liked and retweeted hundreds of times, and have around 100 replies. Among those who shared them was Erica Natividad, the reporter in the video who called said "Yes, this STILL happens. Can it die already? It's not funny. No one ever thinks this is funny. It's disgusting."

After following the man who yelled, he actually identifies himself as Tyler Satino. This has led to people on Twitter tracking down a user by the name @TSatino. According to his bio, he is in Kingston, Ontario and based on his picture he looks vaguely like the man in the video.

However, Fera, who shared the videos confirmed in another tweet that @TSatino is "definitely NOT involved" in this incident he also identifies the man as Corey from Brampton, but it is unclear how this information was determined. 

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Now people who have seen the tweets online, and originally found @TSatino are trying to nail down who Corey from Brampton could be, while also condemning the "FHRITP" trend. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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