It's not every day that a hockey rookie scores four goals in his first NHL game... actually it's never happened before. Ever.

Auston Matthews, Toronto Maple Leafs rookie, entered the history books within 21st seconds of his first NHL game against the Ottawa Senators. 6 minutes later, another goal. By only the second period he became the first No.1 draft pick to score a hat trick in his first game. But the fun didn't stop there: within a few seconds before the end of the second period ending, Matthews scored his 4th goal, an all time record.

Sadly, the Leafs lost in overtime, 5-4, to the Sens, but the fact remains: the season is looking pretty good with Matthews on the team.

"It's just one game, take it, move forward and focus on the next one," Matthews said. "Not every night, you're not going to score four goals, this happened to be a great night individually, especially for our line."

Someone was even quick to change Auston's wikipedia profile... 

Godly or not, we're excited to see what Matthews can do for our beloved team.

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