There's major drama going on between two random parties that we did not expect. The Toronto Maple Leafs are now suing Snoop Dogg for "copying" their logo for his new weed company, called Leafs by Snoop. The NHL team has officially filed their legal opposition against the rapper's cannabis start-up and the two parties have been low-key battling it out in a legal fight. 

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It all started when Snoop Dogg filed to trademark the intellectual property and branding of his weed start-up Leafs by Snoop in July last year, according to The Independent. The Toronto Maple Leafs were not too pleased by this and took some legal action of their own. 

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The NHL team filed a legal opposition against Snoop Dogg last month in December. The Maple Leafs said that the "unusual spelling of Leafs could lead to confusion", according to The Independent

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Not only did they have issues with the name of the rapper's weed company, but they also were not a fan of the branding and logos of the start-up. 

Check out the two logos below and compare for yourself whether Snoop Dogg's new logo is copying the Leafs. 


The Toronto Maple Leafs also provided reasons why they thought his logo was copying theirs. "The similarity between the marks is exacerbated by the design elements of the LEAFS BY SNOOP Mark," said the Canadian hockey team. 

"[Snoop Dogg's] design mark uses a white font enclosed within a wide-shaped leaf with three large segments at the top of the mark, a design echoing and highly similar to the MAPLE LEAFS’ design marks". 

In this legal battle, many people appear to be siding with Snoop Dogg on social media as of now. Several have taken to Twitter to defend the rapper and his weed company's logo. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs also tried to defend why it was important that no one copy their branding. "Over 90 years ago, the Maple Leafs adopted as one of their key brand names the trademark LEAFS," argued the team in the legal document.

"They have used their LEAFS mark in United States commerce since 1927. The LEAFS mark reflects a highly unusual and distinctive spelling since the plural of the English language word 'leaf' is usually presented as 'leaves', not 'leafs'."

As of now, it appears that no decision has been made yet as to whether Snoop Dogg can legally keep the name and logo for his cannabis enterprise, Leafs by Snoop. Stay tuned to find out who comes out as the winner of this legal battle. 

Source: The Independent

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