Love him or hate him, you can't deny that John Tory has made some massive changes to Toronto since his time as Mayor. As the 65th and current Mayor of Toronto he's been responsible for the transit updates happening in and around the GTA - you can thank him in part for things like the SmartTrack/ METROLINX projects, time based transferring on the TTC, and the discounted fares for GO and TTC transit users

The Toronto Mayor recently opened up on his Twitter account saying that he has been approached by people asking if he planned on move up in government by throwing his name in the hat for the Ontario PC leadership race. Thus leaving the City of Toronto to be lead by someone else. To that he replied with: 

The response tells us everything we need to know, that Mayor Tory doesn't plan on going anywhere if he has his way. We might as well (unofficially) call him the second 6ix god of Toronto because it's CLEAR that he loves the city just as much as we'd want our local leader to. 

And considering that the Toronto mayoral election are scheduled for October 2018, you can expect to see Tory's name on the ballot for re-election. He'll be running against Doug Ford, his opponent from the 2014 mayoral election and brother of the late former mayor Rob Ford. We're sure it'll be a race worth following. 

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