Toronto police are currently investigating an incident after a man was found dead during a shooting at Toronto's Orchid night club. The shooting occurred early on Sunday morning within the club and homicide investigators have been called in. Police are asking anyone with information to contact these investigators.  

Early this morning, Toronto Police confirmed that they had responded to an incident at 82 Peter Street, inside of one of Toronto's more popular night clubs, Orchid. At around 2:56 AM, after the last call, a male was found inside of the nightclub suffering from a gunshot wound. 

Police and EMS were called to the scene and the victim was rushed to the hospital, however, he ended up succumbing to his injuries and was pronounced dead. 

According to CBC, investigators believe that the shooting happened inside of the nightclub. They state that the suspect wasn't discovered until a staff member found him while cleaning the club. Constable David Hopkinson told CBC that "There may be circumstances where he may not have been easily noticed."

Police also state that a gun was discovered close to where the victim was found, and it is believed to be the weapon that shot the victim.  

The homicide team is now in charge of the investigation, and no other information has been released. This means that the name and the age of the victim have not been announced. There is currently no description of any suspects that are wanted by police at this moment, and nobody has been taken into custody.  

However, police are still asking for the publics help. Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to contact the police immediately. 

Sadly, this is the fourth homicide that has occurred within Toronto in less than a week, according to City News.  

Late Thursday night a seventeen-year-old named Jayden Simpson was shot and killed in the city's east end in the Danzig Street neighborhood. 

While on Saturday morning two more men were shot and killed outside of an apartment building in the Mt. Dennis area. 



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