Could you imagine if there was a craft beer truck parked at a different Toronto park each week throughout the summer? Torontonians wouldn't have to worry about getting caught with sneaking booze into Trinity Bellwoods anymore that's for sure. 

If thing's go smoothly with city hall this Friday, this dream might actually become a reality. Inspired by Philadelphia's popular Parks on Tap program, Mary-Margaret McMahon, chair of the city's parks committee, wants to see Torontonians buying and drinking beer in the city's various green spaces.

She has put forward a motion on Friday's parks committee agenda asking city staff to study how the idea would work in Toronto. And based on the success that Philidelphia has experienced so far, Parks on Tap seems like an incredible opportunity for Toronto. 

"I think it's an exciting opportunity," says McMahon. "People are drinking in parks anyway." Philidelphia's program brings a mobile beer garden to 20 different city parks for 20 weeks. The program provides fresh food, beer on tap, wine, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages in a festive family-friendly outdoor environment featuring comfortable chairs and hammocks, and clean restrooms.

via @parksontap

Basically, the program turns a green space into a festival beer garden, without patrons having to attend a crowded festival or event with proceeds going towards supporting local park initiatives.

via @parksontap

Currently, Ontario has enforced laws that state fenced-off areas are required in public, outdoor settings when serving alcohol, so it's unclear if this program will be able to operate in Toronto (fingers crossed it does). 

There will be a committee vote Friday, September 8, 2017, and if approved, the study would be submitted in January 2018.

Source: Metro News

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