Whether it's happened to you or your friends, we all know somebody who has accidentally forgotten their passport while rushing to the airport in the early hours of the morning to catch a flight. However, if you are planning on travelling internationally in the future, you may not even need your passport to board the plane. Toronto Pearson is launching paperless travel for the first time ever and all passengers need to board the plane is their phone. 

In a press release, Toronto Pearson Airport announced on Wednesday that they will be launching The Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI) project which will allow travellers throughout Pearson to travel to the Netherlands without a printed ticket or a passport.  

Partnering with the Government of Canada, the World Economic Forum, and the Netherlands, Toronto Pearson Airport and the Netherlands will both be participating in a pilot project that will be the first-ever initiative where travellers are able to use their phone to travel internationally. 

According to the press release, this new paperless travel pilot will make travelling easier and more convenient for passengers and will allow them to have more control over their personal data. 

At the moment, identity data is currently stored on the chip in a passengers passport, but with this new pilot, passengers will be able to have this data securely stored and encrypted on their own personal cellphone. 

With this personal data being on the traveller's phone, they will be able to consent to share this information with border authorities and airlines during their travels. They will also be able to use the phone as their passport. 

Toronto Pearson Airport ensures that this new pilot will still meet the airline's commitment to move people "safely, securely, and efficiently," and the pilot project will ensure that the passengers are the airport's priority. 

Toronto Pearson Airport has been voted as the best large airport in North America for two years in a row, so we're not surprised that they were picked for this pilot project.

Pearson states that this paperless travel pilot project will first be integrated and tested throughout the rest of 2019. 

However, the first paperless journey that will be taken by passengers from Toronto to the Netherlands isn't expected to be conducted until early 2020.

So make sure not to forget your passport if you are travelling to the Netherlands within the next year because you're going to need it.  

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