With summer drawing to an end, many Canadians are trying to make the best of the last few weekends of warm weather. Due to this, Toronto Pearson has announced that this Friday will be the busiest travel day of the year. With more than 170,000 passengers passing through the airport gates, Canadians have been complaining about awful wait times that they have had to face throughout the day. 

According to CTV News, this Friday, 170,000 passengers are expected to travel throughout Toronto Pearson. This is breaking last years record of 160,000 passengers. While the Greater Toronto Airport Authority has been warning travelers to arrive early due to the mass amount of people who will be traveling through security today, it seems as though many Canadians are still facing multiple issues. 

Since this morning, Toronto Pearson's Twitter account has been flooded with frustrated travels complaining about the wait times and long lines that they have been facing throughout the day. Some even claim that they have been waiting in unmoving lines for hours. 

One Twitter user took to the social media platform to complain of a long line up at the T1 Transborder. According to the user, he had been waiting over an hour in line, with absolutely no movement. 

One user even claims that she has been at the airport since 9:30 AM this morning and was still stuck in the later hours of the afternoon. 

While another was worried that his mother would be missing her flight due to these wait times, stating "Any idea what is happening? My mom is stuck and she's going to miss her flight..."

However, it seems that it's not just the busiest day of the year that is affecting these long wait times. According to Pearson, due to a nationwide CBP issue, passengers who are departing to the United States can expect delays. 

Pearson states that they are working on the issue and attempting to get it resolved as soon as possible, but it has left multiple passengers stranded at security gates. 

Despite the wait times, Toronto Pearson has been ranked as the best large airport in North America this year. 

In fact, the busy airport won the top spot for customer experience, and is said to serve over 40 million passengers every year. 

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