As towers continue to pop up left, right and center in Toronto, there's a new tower plan that's unlike anything the city's ever seen before.

Last evening, it was revealed that the Toronto Region Board of Trade is planning to develop World Trade Centre in the city.

The development of a World Trade Centre will not only be an iconic contribution to the city's skyline but it will also promote international trade and attract foreign consuls-general, trade-promotion agencies and other commercial tenants.

Additionally, the massive new complex would also put the city's skyline on par with some of the most iconic buildings of city skylines around the globe including New York, Bahrain, Seoul, and Sao Paulo.

“Our vision is to create an ecosystem of tenants who support trade services including consulates, government trade and funding organizations, corporate and professional services providers,” said Jan De Silva, President & CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade.

“Canada and the Toronto region are capturing the world’s attention. This iconic building will provide a gathering place for international business, connecting buyers and sellers, investors and leaders, to take the Toronto region to the world.”

At last evening's announcement, Mayer John Tory was in attendance and shared his support for the future development. 

As of now, the project has no site and no design just yet, although Ms. De Silva lists as possible locations the waterfront, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, which Oxford Properties plans to redevelop, and First Gulf's massive East Harbour project.

While it will still be several years before anything is built, this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the city and something to look forward to.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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