A search for a missing woman is underway in the city. A Toronto Police abduction alert was issued on Monday, July 13 and officers are scared for her life. TPS said a woman was abducted in an alleyway in the city this morning.

UPDATE: At about 8 p.m., Toronto Police released a statement confirming the woman, Amber Johnson, was finally found at around 7:15 p.m.

James Felfoldi, 51, of Toronto, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and failure to comply with parole.

EARLIER: According to Toronto Police, at around 8:44 a.m. in the area of Sherbourne Street and Dundas Street East in downtown Toronto, a woman was found unconscious in a lane-way due to what is believed to be a medical episode or overdose.

A mysterious car picked the woman up. Police later reported that the driver volunteered to take her to the hospital.

In a second tweet shortly afterwards, officers say the victim was picked up by someone driving a blue Kia Rio. She has not made it to a hospital, according to police.

Officers are searching the area as they fear for her safety due to the unusual nature of the situation.

Police noted the car also happens to have a bicycle rack and two bikes on the back.

However, they followed up yet again at 1:07 p.m. to note that although officers have since found the car, the woman was not found inside the vehicle.

Per City News, the car was not near a hospital when it was found. The woman has still not been located.

TPS Const. David Hopkinson told the Toronto Sun: "Someone came by driving a blue Kia Rio and volunteered to take her to the hospital.

"She was loaded into the car, and the car disappeared. We cannot find her, she’s not made it to the hospital."

Hopkinson later confirmed to Narcity that police were not present when this apparently happened.

He added to City News that police haven't found anyone matching the description of either the victim or the person who picked her up.

Officers are searching nearby divisions too, but police ask anyone who may have any information or seen the incident to call 911 as soon as possible.


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