As you’re probably well aware Toronto has been plagued with a sudden rise gun crime recently with over 200 shootings so far this year.

And now if that wasn’t enough for Police Chief Mark Saunders to deal with he’s now having to investigate his one of his own officers for something related to the rise in shootings.

It’s all over a scathing email this officer sent to the Mayor of Toronto about gun crime. 

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Sgt. Mark Hayward sent an email to John Tory last week in which Hayward basically blamed the mayor for the rise of gun violence in the city.

“I feel you are a direct contributor to this violence with your stance and support on the cancellation of the TAVIS program,” Hayward wrote to Tory.

TAVIS was a special police task force put together after 2005’s ‘Summer of the Gun,’ which saw a dramatic rise in gun violence in the city.  

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He also had some harsh words about the way the Chief of Police has acted, calling Saunders “a puppet on strings” that mayor Tory is controlling from behind the scenes.

“You have zero qualifications to run a police service and should be handed off, to allow the police to do what they do best,” Hayward said in the email to the mayor. 

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Well now Chief Saunders is launching an investigation into the email, in a statement, he said the officer will be subject to discipline if he is found to have committed misconduct. 

So not only does Toronto have a rise of gun-related crimes to deal with, but now there’s political infighting between officers and the mayor as well. 


Source: Toronto Sun

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