In mid-November, Narcity reported that Toronto Police was investigating a group assault that took place at St. Michaels College School located in the city. A few weeks ago, six Canadian teenage boys were arrested in connection to the gang sexual assault.

Now, The Globe and Mail are reporting that more charged have been laid in connection to the case at the all boys school in Toronto. In addition, they've confirmed that there was a slew of incidents at the now notorious school during fall.

As you may know, in our previous report, Toronto Police claimed that the initially reported incident involved a young boy who was "hazed" by a group of male students allegedly from the school's football team. The gang of students reportedly held down the victim while assaulting him with a broom handle. 

Toronto Police explained that they firmly believed that there were at least three other incidents related to the assault. Not to mention, there was an investigation into the spread of video footage of the initial assault amongst the student body.

Police are reporting that they have now investigated eight separate incidents at the school so far. Including the latest charged, a total of seven students have been arrested in connection to incidents at St. Michael's school.

Police also report that the related incidents all took place during fall of this year.

Source: Globe and Mail

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