Earlier this week, a video of an aggressive man making horrible racist threats at a young man with his family went viral, after it was posted to Toronto's Reddit feed. The aggressor repeatedly yelled at and provoked the young man, who was holding a little boy's hand at the time. He even threatened to kill the young man, which frightened his family so much that they called 911 for help.

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According to a news statement provided by Toronto Police, the confrontation happened at Toronto's Jack Layton Ferry Terminal on July 23rd. The aggressor has been identified as 50-year-old Lombray Ball, of Toronto. 

Via VeganAcademy, Reddit

Ball was arrested and charged yesterday in what police call a "hate-motivated crime." He faces two counts of assault and one count of threatening death. He's scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall this morning.

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As is depicted in the video, police say that Ball confronted two men as they walked with their family at the ferry terminal. Ball repeatedly yelled at the men, then assaulted one of the men and threatened the other. The video has been shared on Reddit 787 times, and on Facebook 14,000 times.

Via Jack Layon Ferry Terminal, Google Maps

In addition to threats and physical assault, Ball repeatedly screamed at the two men that they don't belong in the province of Ontario. The young man in the video can be seen herding his family away from the man and standing as a barrier between them, as if to protect them. 

We're glad that Toronto Police have made the situation known to the public, and that he's being prosecuted for his actions.

Via Lester69

To see the full news release provided by Toronto Police, click here.

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