Toronto Police have reportedly identified the woman who went viral this week for tossing a chair off a high-rise balcony onto the Gardiner Expressway. Officers have so far refused to publicly release the identity of the suspect. However, police have reportedly been negotiating with her and working on an eventual surrender to police. CityNews reporter Adrian Ghobrial has learned that the woman has a "criminal history".

The woman in question flooded headlines this week after an incriminating video of her went viral. In the video, a young female who appears to be in her mid-twenties can be seen tossing a wooden chair off a high-rise balcony onto the populated Expressway. 

Toronto Police quickly launched an investigation into the woman, calling for the public's assistance in identifying her. The incident is thought to have taken place on Saturday, February 9th at around 10:00 AM at a condo near Harbour and York Streets. Police have also noted that several "other items" were tossed off the balcony as well. The investigation is referred to by police as "Mischief-Endanger Life".

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Police described the perpetrator as being in her twenties, standing at around 5'2"  with a slim build and long blond hair. In the video,  the woman appears to be sporting a black leather jacket, black clothing, and black high heels.

Police remain locked into negotiations with the female offender; mulling over an appropriate timeline for her to surrender herself. If the woman fails to meet the deadline, officers say a warrant will immediately be issued for her arrest.

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Sadly enough, this marks the second time someone has had the bright idea of throwing furniture onto the Gardiner. Police had previously opened an investigation into a young male who had a similar video go viral. 

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