Toronto Police have started off the New Year busy as the Parking Enforcement Unit patrolled the streets in their three-week rush hour blitz. Toronto Police finished the blitz by the of January and revealed that during that time 6,305 parking tickets were issued throughout the city. This campaign was part of a few other blitzes that the Toronto Police created to start 2019 off the safe way. 

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At the beginning of January, Toronto Police launched two separate traffic campaigns throughout the city. Many people were aware of the distracted driving blitz that occurred throughout January to help implement the new distracting driving laws that recently started. Police had taken to public buses and patrolled the streets to ticket those who were driving illegally under these new regulations. 

Officers also implemented their rush hour parking blitz, cracking down on those who stopped or parked on the curb illegally during rush hour. Anyone who was found to be parked illegally in the downtown core can face a fine of $150 and in some instances, vehicles were also towed. 

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Not only were over 6,000 people ticketed for parking or stopping illegally on the curbs in the downtown core during rush hour but 1,194 were towed within this three-week blitz. 

Any car that was parked and left unattended during rush hour was towed during this blitz in order to help and prevent others from repeating this offense in the future. 

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Since the TPS Parking has announced that their three week rush hour blitz has ended, many Torontonians are concerned that the number of parking violations during rush hour is going to rise again. 

A surprising amount of Torontonians were happy with the results of this parking blitz, saying it helped to make their commute easier since less idled cars were blocking the right lane.

Commuters are now upset that the TPS Parking has publicly announced that the focus on rush hour public violations has ended because now drivers are going to start parking illegally again without worrying about a fine. 

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Many Twitter users have taken to Twitter to express their concerns about the blitz ending. 

Although the blitz has ended, Toronto Police will still continue to monitor the streets for parking violations. 

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