At 8:20 AM this morning, the Toronto Police published a very ominous, suspicious tweet. It's gotten 70 responses from worried Torontonians, wondering what it's about. 

"We are responding to an unconfirmed, uncorroborated piece of information relating to the GTA," the tweet reads, "As a result of this information, you will see an increased number of police officers throughout the city and, specifically, in the downtown core."

Toronto Police have declined further comment about the tweet, and won't be sharing more information with the media at this point in time. But, evidence of their increased security measures can already be spotted all over the city.

Right now, CBC News is reporting an increased police presence around the CN Tower area and the Rogers Centre, in Toronto's entertainment district. 

Whatever the situation might be, it has people in a panic. "I think you either tell people what it’s about or don’t say anything at all," one Twitter user responded, "Now you have people in the city, especially the downtown core panicking and that’s not fair not know what is going on!"

Via Valentino Visentini

"This is causing me to have a panic attack," says another person, "Coming to the city tonight for Foo Fighters concert at the Rogers Centre."

Some have started speculating about what the cause might be. "Read between the lines It’s some type of attack on the City. Police vernacular, they don’t want to cause mass hysteria .." one person suggests.

Via Bobhilscher

But, many have jumped into the conversation to reassure those who are worried, saying it's nothing to freak out over - yet. "They did the same thing when the Leafs made it to the playoffs. After the van attack," someone writes, "It's just a precaution. No need for concern or to panic. I work downtown and commute down every day."

At some point, Toronto Police will surely follow up with an update on the situation. And when they do, you'll hear it from us first.


Source: CBC



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