Bruce McArthur is currently in the middle of a lengthy sentencing hearing in Toronto but that's not the only case involving the serial killer before the courts right now. A Toronto Police Officer charged with letting Bruce McArthur get away with assault in 2016 was due in court today for the start of his disciplinary hearing. 

Detective Paul Gauthier is facing misconduct charges, including insubordination and neglect of duties, following the internal police investigation into the Bruce McArthur case.  The investigation began two months after McArthur's arrest for murder. 

The investigation found that McArthur had actually been arrested by police before. Back in 2016, McArthur was investigated by police after allegedly assaulting a man in 2016. The man, who hasn't been identified, told police that McArthur choked him in the back of his van.

McArthur murdered all eight of his victims by strangling them, and this is the same van that led police to arrest McArthur for eight counts of murder. The van was found with blood in the back. Fortunately, the man in the 2016 assault managed to escape after a struggle with McArthur. 

McArthur was even arrested following the incident and investigated by police but ultimately he was set free without any charges. The lead officer on the case, however, was Gauthier and he is now facing charges for that decision. 

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It's not clear what exactly led the internal police investigation to charge Gauthier with misconduct, but his lawyer, Lawrence Gridin, claims that he did nothing wrong. 

Gridin said that back in 2016, McArthur was released based on the evidence available at the time. He also added that Gauthier carried out and documented everything properly. 

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While the disciplinary hearing was due in court today, this morning it was pushed back until February 26. 

Gauthier was not present at the hearing today, but Gridin represented the police officer in court. He also said that Gauthier has the "greatest sympathy" for McArthur's victims and families. 

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At the time of the assault in 2016, Bruce McArthur was let go. His last two murder victims, Selim Essen and Andrew Kinsmen, went missing the following year. 

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