A short video making its rounds across social media has put a Toronto Police officer in the spotlight. Footage appears to show a cop apparently sleeping in a cruiser which seems to be parked across the boundary between two disabled spaces. Toronto Police have launched an investigation into the clip.

In the video, shared on Reddit on Tuesday, December 3, the person filming walks up to the driver's side of the cruiser. There, he captures an officer apparently snoozing in the vehicle.

The 17-second video was long enough to show the car's occupant holding a phone with what appears to be a game of Solitaire on the go.

It should be noted that it has not yet been determined when or where the video was shot.

In light of the incident, Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack gave a strong statement to CTV in which he questioned the motives of the person or people who shot the footage.

"Surely, we must have better things to deal with in the city?" he said. "I don't know what people are even doing."

"Are they trying to catch a cop or are they trying to post this to get some notoriety or to build a profile? It's ridiculous, in my view."

McCormack reportedly added police will "tell the true story" of what actually happened after the investigation has been completed.

The video, which comes without any context, sparked a variety of responses after being uploaded to Reddit. Some viewers are critical of the officer.

"That is not a good look. It may be his break or lunch or whatever, but come on dude you can't park like that," says one Redditor.

Other Torontonians, though, were more sympathetic. In particular, some highlighted the long and stressful nature of the work that can come with being a law enforcement officer. 

Regardless of what you think about it, the video is certainly being taken seriously by the police.

Toronto Police Media Relations Officer David Hopkinson told Narcity: "We are aware of this video and take this matter very seriously. Our Professional Standards Unit is now investigating."

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