Toronto has seen a large rise in the number of high-profile shootings this year. So many, that there are people who want Toronto's mayor to resign over them.

Public outrage over the staggering number of shootings prompted Toronto authorities and the police force to take drastic action, by deploying 200 additional officers to patrol the streets at night this summer.

That plan has now come to an end, and it seems that it had no real effect on gun violence in the city. 

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Between July 20th and September 9th of this year, 200 officers were put on the streets at night in certain areas of the city prone to high numbers of shootings.

There were 64 incidents of shootings from the time the program started to when it ended this month, according to Toronto Police data.

In the same amount of time before the program started, there were 65 shootings in the city. Based on those numbers, it is clear that there was no significant drop in shootings as a result of the program. 

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While the program was in effect, there was a mass shooting on the Danforth, a broad daylight shooting at Yorkdale mall, and numerous other incidents.

Toronto has already passed its own murder rate from last year. A total of 26 people in the city were killed by guns last year. This year so far, that number is 38.

Putting all those officers on the street overnight cost Toronto Police millions of dollars over the several-week course of the program.

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Toronto and the province of Ontario have each announced funding to help bring the gun violence down. But, nothing seems to be working fast enough to stop the ever-increasing number of gun crime incidents. 

Sources: CBC, Toronto Police Services

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