An investigation has been launched into the conduct of two on-duty Toronto police officers, who were caught partying with a group of women in several videos posted to social media. The videos, which surfaced on the Instagram account on Monday, show two uniformed officers pretending to handcuff a woman in a bar, then transporting a group of women to another club while bumping music in their police cruiser. 

According to Global News, the two women in the video were celebrating a birthday at Warehouse on Queen Street West. The incident reportedly took place on Sunday night or in the early hours of Monday morning. The two officers have since been identified as Const. Jian Liang and Const. Aaron Isaac of Toronto's 52 Division.

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Both Const. Liang and Const. Isaac look completely unfazed by, or unaware of, the camera recording them openly flirting with the women and shuttling them around in their police vehicle like it was a free Uber. 

The videos, which have since been reshared by dozens of other social media accounts, are now under investigation by the Toronto Police Professional Standards Unit. 

Take a look at the videos below, originally shared by

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“It’s highly unprofessional and the guys are screwed because there is no guideline in any police rule book that says you can do any of that,” one policing insider tells the Toronto Sun.

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Shockingly, however, the two cops are maintaining their innocence on the matter, saying that they were simply engaging in "light-hearted policing", as officers might do in order to prevent underage drinking or overserving in bars. However, playfully putting a woman in handcuffs and using their police computer system to play music on YouTube is far from standard protocol, and many are calling it a sorry excuse for clearly inappropriate behaviour.

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The Toronto Police Association says that the investigation remains ongoing and the penalties that the two officers may face remains unknown.





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