If you live in Toronto, there is a high possibility that you or someone you know has had their phone stolen sometime throughout their lives. In a big city like Toronto, it's sadly a common occurrence to have your phone stolen while you're out in public. Whether you accidentally left it somewhere or it was stolen from your pocket, you aren't alone. However, there might be some hope for you. Toronto Police have just posted a list of over 350 stolen phones that they have found, and yours might be on the list. 

According to Toronto Police, they recovered 366 electronic devices from a Chinatown store at 456 Dundas St. W on May 7. These devices included laptops, tablets, and phones.

During this discovery, two individuals, Yong Huang and Lian Yu, both 19-years-old, were arrested and charged with possession of property obtained by crime over $5000 and traffic in property obtained by crime. An additional man, Yuejin Li 54 was also charged with possession of property obtained by crime. All three individuals appeared in court on Wednesday, May 8 to face these charges. 

While the trial is now underway, police are left with all these phones and devices to deal with. In the week since the Toronto Police seized these stolen electronics, they have sorted through them and compiled a list of all 366 devices that were discovered during the investigation. 

Today, Toronto Police posted this list online so that anyone who has lost a phone or other electronic within the city can check to see if it is on the list. The list showcases the make of the electronic, as well as the serial number and IMEI of that electronic.

This is great news for anyone who had a phone stolen recently, but this means, in order to know if your phone has been found, you need to know the serial number of your stolen phone. Fortunately, if you don't know the serial number, there are many ways that you can find it without actually having the phone. 

One main way to find the serial number is to look at the original box that your phone came in. The serial number should be located on the back of the box along with the barcode. However, if you don't have the box lying around, you can always check in the places that you have registered your phone. 

If you are an Apple user, you can discover your serial number if you have registered your phone with iTunes. Also, if you have registered your phone with a warranty, the warranty company or phone provider should also be able to provide you with the serial number. You can check out the list of Apple serial number locater tips here. 

Once you know what your serial number is, you can check the Toronto Police list to see if your phone is on there. 

If your phone is on the list, you are asked to contact the 52 Division Major Crime Unit at 416-808-5235 or by email at mina.girgis@torontopolice.on.ca. Proof of ownership or purchase is required before you can pick up your phone. 


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