If you call 911 odds are you’re in some sort of emergency situation and you need the police, ambulance or fire department there as soon as possible.

Earlier this month Toronto police were called to the scene of an assault in progress, which eventually turned fatal.

Paramedics were on the scene quickly and took the male victim to the hospital, where he died of his injuries, but it was 2 hours before any police officer appeared at the scene of the crime. 

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11 Division police say that this is because they were severely under-staffed and that it was about 90 minutes from when they received the call about the assault to when they could respond to it.

Police originally went to the hospital and after learning that the victim had succumbed to their injuries then went to the scene of the crime.

Chief Mark Saunders says that this was an isolated incident in terms of how long it took officers to arrive at the scene of the crime. 

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"If you want to take a call by call in isolation, I will outnumber you with what our response times are and I will continue to tremendously outnumber you with our response to calls for service,” he said.

He used the Toronto van attack earlier this year as an example of good response time by the police.

“When you look at Finch and Yonge and within seven minutes we had an apprehension for mass casualties, that is a testament to what the norm is in the city of Toronto,” he said.

Police did make an arrest in the case of the man dying from assault. 


Source: Global News

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