If you haven't heard, Toronto and much of Southern Ontario is currently under a winter weather travel advisory. Forecasters are saying that we can look forward to up to 8 cm of snow and temperatures dropping to -10°C later today.

As the city prepares (and anxiously awaits) the first snowfall of the seasonthe Toronto Police Service is warning drivers and commuters to be extra vigilant throughout the day and take extra precautions while driving.

The special advisory from the Toronto Police Service notes that travel and road conditions may become particularly treacherous, with chances of a  "flash-freeze situation during the afternoon rush-hour drive," said the report.

As always, Toronto Police are urging drivers to drive according to the quickly-changing conditions and to "reduce speeds on elevated portions of the roadway such as bridges, overpasses or expressways."

And as many Toronto drivers may have not installed winter tires on their vehicles, the abrupt change in weather and precipitation that Toronto and the GTA will experience later today could be particularly hazardous.

So if you're driving or commuting, take extra caution and bundle up, because it's going to be a cold one!

Source: CBC, Toronto Police Service

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