A recent report by The Weather Network has people across Ontario bracing for a 'classic Canadian winter' that entails regular occurrences of cold, windy and snowy weather.

High-impact weather and record-breaking snowfalls are possible this winter in Toronto and in other eastern areas. However, such significant snowfall events may not appear until the end of the year.

According to Accuweather's monthly forecasts, the last few weeks of November will be relatively snowless for Toronto, and the city will only really start to see the white stuff next month. Several days of snowfall in varying intensities are predicted throughout December, as shown below:

But the last week of December looks like it's going to be the snowiest of the 2017 for Toronto, with over 25 cm of snow expected to fall throughout the week. This trend will continue throughout the first few days of the new year, with an additional 35 cm of snow expected to fall in the period leading up to January 9, 2018,

December 28 is predicted to bring the most snow, with as much as 12 cm accumulating over 24 hours.  It's not as bad as previous snowfall events Toronto has had, but it will still be significant enough to incite cautions for safe driving and commuting practices.

Accuweather employs up-to-date climate models and data to produce its forecasts, but as we all know, the weather, especially Canada's, always has unexpected surprises in store.

We'll just have to wait and see if these predictions check out!

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