If there has been one topic that dominated the latter half of 2018, it's Apple AirPods. The seemingly innocent addition to the Apple family that was released back in 2016 didn't become popular until 2018. But when their popularity did start to pick up, they turned into a full-blown craze. 

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Nowadays, it's practically impossible to walk around downtown without seeing a few people wearing the wireless earbuds. While they seem like just a new high tech way to listen to music, they've actually caused quite the controversy and battle between AirPod and non-AirPod users. Unsurprisingly, the root of the battle is none other than Twitter.

It all started when the AirPod meme gained traction on the social media platform where people poked fun at AirPod users who can't seem to hold a conversation without mentioning at least once that they own a pair of AirPods:

Recently though, AirPod users have been attempting to clap back and as a result, it's turned into a not-so-serious-but-kind-of-serious battle between the two types of people:

The battle has gone local though as it seems Toronto AirPod owners are "banding together" together at a 'Toronto AirPod Owners Meetup" to, according to the Facebook event page, share their "collective love for AirPods, and to let everyone else know that they're poor."

The celebration is meant to happen on the 30th of March at Yonge and Dundas Square. It didn't take long for the event to gain traction as it currently has 1,600+ Facebook users claiming they are attending while there are 3,400+ claiming to be interested in the event. 

Though non-AirPod users decided to create an event of their own on the exact same day in the same place called the 'Toronto Anti AirPod Owners Meetup." It's clear the event was made as a response considering the creator of the event lists the AirPod owner meetup as their "rival event."

This event instead will be "a gathering to share our collective disdain for AirPods, and to let Apple AirPod users know that they ain't shit. #podsaintshit." 

Via Facebook

While we'll have to wait until March to see what goes down, we can already imagine how hilariously ridiculous Yonge and Dundas is going to look on the 30th.

In the meantime, if you want to pick your side, to RSVP to the Toronto AirPod owner meetup you can click here, to RSVP to the anti-AirPod meetup you can click here


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