Union Station was taken over by a silent Toronto protest to highlight the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The display is titled Loundry, and was curated by artist Mariam Mughdusya.

It shows bloody laundry hung up on clothing lines to represent Armenians who were killed or injured in the Artsakh attacks, while protestors held up signs relaying what is happening.

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The visual protest had demonstrators holding signs among the laundry that said "hospitals are being bombed", "churches are being bombed", "children are dying" and "recognize Artsakh." 

Anne Marie Aikins tweeted about the event, saying that it was a "very peaceful, very safe" protest on Tuesday.

Activists marched through Toronto earlier in October to demand that Canada step in.

John Tory released a statement on the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, saying that "there have been very concerning reports of shelling against settlements and civilians."

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