If there's one major issue plaguing Torontonians, it's the lack of affordable housing throughout the downtown core and surrounding areas. This can be said for both renters and buyers. While many have taken to just moving to the outskirts and the rest of the GTA to find affordable housing, some residence are saying NO to the issue and taking a stand. 

If you happen to pass Dufferin and Bloor this morning you might have noticed a group of people chanting and holding up signs, while marching in between the 4-way cross section of the road. 

These individuals are part of the Building A Better Bloor Dufferin group, rallying for affordable housing, more green space, community hubs for local arts and local services, and better infrastructure for community schools. 

The protesters are made up of local residents, business owners, artists, service organizations & school communities dedicated to the community as it changes with new development at Bloor and Dufferin - according to their twitter bio

Their goal from this protest is to collect signatures to stop the massive private condo development happening on the public land  that currently houses both a public local high school and elementary school. 

The loss of the schools would mean also losing auditoriums, meeting places and a swimming pool. As well as 7.3 acres of public land, public playing fields and public basketball courts, according to their change.org page. 

Via change.org

Their goal is to get 1,500 signatures to appeal to Kathleen Wynne for funding for the area, and are well on their way to achieving their goal. To sign their change.org petition click here

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