Just when you thought that competition for a good job in Toronto was bad enough, now you have a new opponent to face in the marketplace. That's right: first, the Toronto Raccoons got into your green bins. Then, they came for your apartments. Now, they're boarding firefighting boats, most likely in an attempt to take available jobs, too!

In a video shared by the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters' Association on Twitter, a raccoon can be seen not just brazenly boarding a boat it's not supposed to be on, but also showing off its dope ladder-climbing skills. Is it just trying to find a place to hide, or is this some sort of tryout to be the first trash panda firefighter?

To be fair, that raccoon did get up that ladder pretty quick. Maybe it would be good to have around while fighting a fire. Of course, as a raccoon, it would probably just try and save all the food in the building first. Maybe it wouldn't be such a good recruit after all.

With Toronto basically being the raccoon capital of the world (and even officially earning the title in 2018), it's no surprise that the ring-tailed garbage bandits are infiltrating every facet of human life. 

Even though this is further evidence of an eventual raccoon takeover of the city, people couldn't help but be impressed by the little furry dude's skills.

Raccoons in Toronto are becoming braver than ever, and as much as the city tries to fight back with raccoon-proof anything, it just isn't working. The newly designed green bins, for example, were supposed to stop any trash pandas from breaking in. They did not work. At all.

Still, the fuzzy little nuisances that root through garbage and annoy household pets are begrudgingly beloved in the city, serving as its unofficial mascot. The raccoons may take our jobs, and our apartments, and our garbage, but hopefully they'll be willing to hire us when they do.

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