The Raptors are definitely on track to not only make the playoffs but exceed all expectations. They have just signed a new player that will help make up for the shooting skills the NBA team has been struggling with lately. The Toronto Raptors have signed a new player, veteran Jodie Meeks, to a 10-day contract and he's a really strong shooter. This might be exactly what the team needs right now to take it to the next level. 

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Yesterday night, the Raptors signed shooting guard Jodie Meeks as their 14th member of the team. Meeks is a seasoned NBA vet. He has played 10 seasons for six different teams but has yet to play a game so far this season due to a suspension. Meeks is a strong shooter – he has a career 37.2-percent shooting average from beyond the arc based on 3.9 attempts per game, according to Raptors Rapture

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However, this move by the Raptors doesn't come without risk. The Raptors are taking a chance on 31-year-old Meeks, since he hasn't played in the NBA for almost a year, with his last game on April 11, 2018, according to Raptors Rapture. However, the team is hoping and taking a chance that he will still be in sharp shape to play in the upcoming games despite him not seeing any NBA action for nearly one year. 

The player was also suspended last season for 25 games for violating the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program. As a result, he missed his chance to play in the playoffs for the 2018 NBA season. At the time of his suspension, he was playing for the Washington Wizards. His 25 game suspension also carried over into the 2018-19 NBA season.

Meeks' strong shooting skills may be crucial for the team. The Raptors have been struggling for threes throughout the season and they are hoping that Meeks will help change that. He will also add some new dynamics to the team since he plays differently from the Raptor's other guards. 

Jodie Meeks is a 6'4″ shooting guard. He was drafted in 2009 and has played for franchises such as the LA Lakers and Washington Wizards. Throughout his career, he has averaged 9.3 points, 1.1 assists, 2.1 rebounds, and 0.8 steals in 22.6 minutes per game. 

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Since the Raptors are only signing him for 10 days, his reign with the team could end after the contract is up. The team will evaluate whether they will sign Meeks on after the 10-day period. However, the Raptors still also have the chance to sign a different player. 

Meek is expected to start playing for the Raptors in Friday's game against the San Antonio Spurs, according to Raptors Rapture. So make sure to keep an eye out for him in the upcoming game and hopefully watch some three-point magic take place on the courts. 

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