When your government orders you to stay inside, you have to invent new ways to stay entertained. A recent Toronto Reddit video shows how a local resident has taken their gaming to new heights this week by projecting video games onto the side of an apartment building. Both Mario Kart and Bubble Bobble were seen being projected onto the side of the building. 

Photos and video of the stunt first began catching Torontonians' eyes on a local Reddit thread.

The original poster, Dax Martin, first posted a clip of themselves playing Mario Kart while it was projected onto the building across from them. The caption read, "Playing Mario Kart during quarantine be like."

The gamer also posted a photo to Reddit of the retro game Bubble Bobble being played on the side of an apartment building. 

It didn't take long for people to flood the comment section to praise the idea and demand answers on how its perpetrators were pulling it off. 

Narcity reached out to Dax Martin, the genius behind the stunt, to find out their motivations for the project and how it is continuing to evolve.

"I've always wanted to project something on the building across from us. Its the perfect distance and there are no windows, so we're not disturbing anyone. Right now, we're playing 1 - 2 different retro games every night around 9," Martin said.

When asked if they had received any complaints from their neighbours about the impromptu showings, Dax stated that the community seems more than happy with the fun. 

"So far, everyone is enjoying it as it's not hurting anyone, besides what the heck else are we going to do with our nights when everything is closed?"

When it comes to what the creative gamer has lined up next, Dax states that they aren't sure how much longer they will be doing this.

"I'm not sure how much longer we will do this. We thought about playing a movie that people in the building can watch from there balconies, but it's still a bit too cold for that. For now, we're just having fun with it."

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Martin, who lives in the High Park area, also noted that they have been using a "crappy old dell" projector to pull off their screenings. So, it doesn't look like people will need too much gear to pull it off themselves.

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