Naming your restaurant is no easy task. As an owner, you want your joint to be the one that stands out and it's important that you nail the vibe you are going for. However, sometimes a restaurant can defy all foodie odds and garner a good reputation for its delicious food, despite having an unintentionally awkward name. Which is exactly what happened to this Toronto restaurant.

KaKa All You Can Eat is a popular sushi restaurant that currently has two locations in the GTA and an impressive Yelp rating. KaKa also happens to mean "poop" in many languages. But, customer reviews seem to suggest that the food at KaKa is the furthest thing from kaka.

But, there are of course many people who are still having a hard time getting past the restaurants less-than-appetizing name, as proven by the comments on this Reddit thread about the spot. "They've also opened up a new store that seems like an attempt at rebranding, called 'Dookie,'" wrote one Redditor. Check out the original post below:

Thankfully, the owners of KaKa seem to have a sense of humour about the predicament they have found themselves in. During my quick scan of the restaurant's Yelp reviews, I was able to find the answer to the burning question in everyone's hearts: "Why would you name your sushi restaurant Kaka?"

"Thank you for interesting in our brand. The name 'KaKa' was from one of the owners and she thought it was flower name in Japanese. But we couldn't find specific data anymore and we didn't realize it has a totally different meaning in Spanish!" Read a response from KaKa AYCE customer service.

So there you have it, it was all just a simple misunderstanding. What was meant to be a tranquil name inspired by a flower ended up getting lost in translation, and somehow got named after poop. Hey, at least the food is good!

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