Living in Toronto, eating out is always a temptation with restaurants and take out on every corner of the city. While eating out is often a stressfree choice, not everything always goes according to plan. As per usual, the city's health inspectors have been monitoring the streets of Toronto and multiple well-known restaurants have received health infractions recently. 

The City of Toronto is constantly updating its 'Dine Safe' page to inform Torontonians how well a restaurant is complying with the Health Code. The city posts all of their inspection results here and mentions when certain restaurants violate the Health Code. 

Restaurants that have been degraded to a 'conditional pass' opposed to a green pass means that a health violation has been discovered within their restaurant. Some violations are much worse than others and can be anything from an unclean cooking surface to a pest infestation. 

However, it is important to remember that restaurants who have been charged with infractions during their inspections aren't complete write-offs. Every restaurant who receives a conditional pass has a second chance to fix their violation and gain a green pass at a second inspection during a later date. 

Here are some of the restaurants that have been charged with health code violations since April. 

The Fry 

Where: 524 Bloor Street W

When: May 27, 2019

Why: For failing to protect food from contamination and for not maintaining clean floors in the kitchen. 


Where: 636 Bloor Street W 

When: April 12, 2019

Why: The restaurant failed to ensure that all surfaces were sanitized and that the food premise ceilings were sanitary.

Greek & CO

Where: 756 Queen Street W

When: May 28, 2019

Why: The restaurant was seen storing food at hazardous internal temperatures. The restaurant also failed to ensure that equipment surface was sanitized and that floors were clean.  

Laura Secord 

Where: 900 Dufferin St

When: May 27, 2019 

Why: The restaurant was seen refrigerating foods at a hazardous internal temperate of above 4° C. 

The Office Pub 

Where: 117 John St

When: May 22, 2019 

Why: Failure to protect food from contamination, failure to sanitize utensils properly and failure to protect the restaurant against pests. 


Where: 100 King St W

When: May 28, 2019 

Why: Failure to protect food from contamination, failure to ensure that food is protected against contamination by hair and failure to sanitize utensils. 

Fox & Fiddle 

Where: 295 Adelaide St W

When: May 28, 2019 

Why: Failure to protect against contamination, failure to sanitize equipment surface, and using food equipment that is not in good repair. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo is used for illustrative purposes only. 

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