It's no secret that Toronto is experiencing a more unconventional winter in comparison to recent years. It almost feels as if Toronto and Vancouver swapped forecasts this season, considering that Torontonians have only seen a few minor snowfall events so far. Instead of a white Christmas, Torontonians got a wet one.  While the lack of snowstorms means less shovelling and overall chaos, it doesn't necessarily mean that the roads are safer. Especially considering that Toronto has had several warnings of freezing rain in the past few weeks. 

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In light of the current weather, Toronto Police Officer Randall Arsenault has released a warning to drivers. Noting that while roads may seem safe at first glance, ice can often be undetected by drivers especially at night and can result in serious accidents if drivers aren't vigilant. Icy roads have become one of the biggest issues this winter so far as a result of heavy rainfall throughout the day before temperatures sink to freezing at night causing significant ice build up on sidewalks, roads and driveways. 

While there aren't any intense freezing rain or snow storms expected in the near future as of right now, police are continuing to warn local drivers that ice still remains on some roads due to the chilly temperatures that finally seem to be sticking around. Police are warning that the Scarborough area is especially icy in comparison to other parts of the city. 

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Unfortunately, while Toronto's winter may not be delivering much snow, there is still tons of time for at least one blizzard to strike. Though as of now, it's clear that Torontonians top concern should be ice and making sure they are driving safe in response to the weather. 

Weather Canada has yet to release an official advisory or warning regarding the icy road conditions, but have issued a cold weather alert for parts of northern Ontario, which are seeing nearly -40°C with wind chill values this morning.



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