The trial of the British Columbia man who jumped naked into the shark tank at Toronto’s Ripley Aquarium last year officially came to an end on September 19. Toronto shark tank swimmer David Weaver, 38, pleaded guilty to mischief at a Toronto courthouse. However, he didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed about what he'd done.

“It’s just another day in the life of Dave,” Weaver said before his sentencing, according to CTV News. “I enjoy doing spontaneous and exotic stuff,” he added.

Miraculously, the 38-year-old managed to avoid serving any jail time for his crime. According to Global News, a joint submission placed before the courts suggested that he be placed on probation for one year and not serve any time behind bars.

Weaver was pressed about his crimes again while exiting the courthouse to which he responded, “I didn’t hurt anybody. I didn’t hurt myself, so I don’t have any regrets on hurting anybody else.”

“That’s pretty much it – if I’m out doing something in my life and I’m not hurting anybody else then I don’t see the problem in my books, in my opinion," he concluded. 

Weaver was banned from returning to the aquarium and will have to seek mandatory counselling.

The incident first made headlines last year after videos emerged on social media of Weaver swimming casually in the aquarium’s tank. At the time of his infamous dip, Weaver was surrounded by sand tiger sharks and moray eels, neither of which are considered harmful to humans.

In the video, Weaver can be seen treading water above the sea creatures. Despite being surrounded by sharks, the B.C. native appears relaxed and actually looks to be having a good time.

Weaver also allegedly assaulted a man outside of Medieval Times in Toronto on the same night. He will stand trial for those charges at the end of October.

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