Every once in awhile, we come across some wholesome and hilarious content, but this video takes being Canadian to a whole other level. A Toronto snow video captured the storm in the 6ix this week, but one unplanned moment stole the show. It's so Canuck, in fact, that the person recording the video interrupts himself to apologize to a pole he bumped into.

We've all been there, buddy.

It's a common stereotype that in Canada, we like to apologize as often as possible.

And this video won't do much to change that perception.

In the short TikTok video shared on Instagram, the filmer seems to be a bit over-excited about the amount of snow that hit the city of Toronto this week.

"Holy Mother Teresa, look at this snow!" says the person filming the video, Instagram user imtheonlytye. "I've never seen that in Toronto, this much snow."

Viewers may not have agreed with that assessment of the weather. "Where was he last year?" asked one commenter.

However, they were certainly here for one moment in particular, which seemed to resonate with the Canadian public.

In the midst of turning around while filming, the person bumps into what looks like a pole and immediately apologizes. Without hesitation. To an inanimate object.

He actually completely breaks out of his excited tone of voice to apologize. If that's not an inherently Canadian reaction, we don't know what is.

Snow, eagerness, and being apologetic are all parts of being a true Canadian, and this guy managed to capture all of that in just a few seconds. Fair play.

And viewers were quick to comment on his true north moment.

"Lmao only in Canada you say sorry for bumping into a pole," wrote one amused viewer.

"That's the most Canadian thing I've ever seen," said another.

Despite the filmer's apparent excitement at this week's snow, Ontarians are no stranger to crazy blasts of winter. After all, some parts of the province were hit with about 50 centimetres after a terrible snowstorm.

If you thought that was all of the snow we'd get hit with in December, though, let us be the ones to say that you are so wrong.

Although the chance of getting a white Christmas in Toronto is very slim, we can expect to face the brunt of winter with a massive snow dump to take us right into 2020.

Although winter storms like these can be grim to be out and about in and can be potentially dangerous, this guy managed to make the best of the horrible weather and bring a smile to our faces.

We don't know what could be more Canadian than this!

Next time you bump into anything — another person, fire hydrant, thin air — don't forget to apologize!

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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