On a gloomy afternoon, downtown Toronto was in for a pre-Halloween surprise. On Wednesday, October 16, none other than Toronto Spiderman himself resurfaced in the 6ix. Clearly, his spidey senses were tingling as he patrolled the Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue area.

Toronto Police issued a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, letting the public know of the presence of the web-slinging figure, who seemed to be perched up on a public bulletin board. 

Police warned the public of the hazard after confirmed sightings of a "web-slinging superhero causing pedestrian traffic." The police tweeted added: "This man is described as wearing a red and blue spandex suit and responds to 'Spidey'," and noted that Stan Lee would be proud.

The report was capped off with the hashtag #FriendlyNeighbourhoodSpiderman, so this was pretty much your normal Wednesday afternoon in the city.

In fact, Spidey was even caught on film as he surveyed the streets, as you can see below.

Credit: ryan.gynger | Instagram


Of course, this isn't the first time Spiderman has made an appearance in the city. Back in June, he spun himself into a web of trouble for causing some problems in the exact same area, webbing off part of the sidewalk.

Then, a couple of months ago, Peter Parker - or should that be Peter Parkour? - was also seen helping out with some window washing in the city.

Torontonians on Twitter were quick to react to the masked figure's return to the streets. But while Toronto Police's tweet made light of the appearance, and though Spiderman's intentions may have been good, it seems many Toronto residents are getting pretty damn fed up with their #FriendlyNeighbourhoodSpiderman.

"Can't stand this guy," wrote one tweeter, while another suggested that though his presence was "kinda cute," it was also "a little creepy." says another. 


The "real" Spiderman (not to doubt the authenticity of Toronto's local version)  may be a hero to many, but it seems to many in the 6ix, he's just a fly in the ointment.

When will we see him again? It's hard to know, but he's out there.

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