As many residents stayed indoors this Victoria Day Weekend, some Toronto stunt drivers were using the empty roads to their advantage. Hundreds of cars reportedly gathered at an Etobicoke intersection on May 18 to celebrate the holiday by doing donuts and setting off fireworks. The incident is now under police investigation.

Toronto police reported that the massive gathering took place during the early hours of Sunday morning. Officers responded to a call in the area of Dixon Road and Carlingview Drive in Etobicoke.

Upon arriving at the scene, investigators discovered hundreds of drivers outside of their cars watching other vehicles do donuts.

Videos that appear to showcase the incident have already begun showing up on social media. In the clips, cars can be seen spinning out while a massive crowd of people stands around watching.

The video also appears to show fireworks being shot out of one of the car's windows as it continues to do donuts on the road. 

According to CBC, officers reported spotting 150 cars in the area. However, police stated that they were uncertain if all those vehicles were involved in the incident of just driving through the city.

"There were a number of charges laid, but there was no vehicle impounds from this event," Toronto police spokesperson David Hopkinson told CBC.

"They were investigated and charged," he added.

Narcity reached out to Toronto police for further comment on the matter but have yet to hear back.

However, this isn't the first time that stunt drivers have been caught using the emptier roads to their advantage. 

A driver was caught doing donuts at Younge and Dundas Square back in April. Video footage of the incident, which appeared online, even showed a brief police chase occurring after the stunt.

In the video, a black car can be seen ripping at least ten donuts near the landmark while a group of onlookers films them on their cellphones.

As of April, Toronto's reckless driving charges have gone up by a whopping 550%. 

Police enforced a ticketing blitz last week to try to combat the issue.

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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