A man blasting a Toronto subway car with a fire extinguisher didn't get the reaction he might have expected on Wednesday night.

The midnight transit surprise was caught on video and posted on Instagram by 6ixbuzztv.

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Just one passenger, sitting by the door, seems at all fazed by the prank, while another just casually turns their head as the hooded blaster scoots out of the car.

According to the Toronto Sun, the extinguisher fired a cloud of carbon-dioxide powder into the car and onto the platform at Greenwood.

“Obviously this kind of incident is of great concern for us as it can present a danger to our customers and employees,” TTC spokesman Stuart Green told Narcity in a statement. "We are working with Toronto Police on this matter."

It was evidently not of great concern to the other five passengers, however.

After a call came in 42 minutes later about another fire extinguisher incident, TTC special constables and Toronto police rushed to nearby Coxwell station, but as Green told Narcity, "it yielded in negative results."

Via Toronto Sun
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