A video on Reddit of two Toronto subway violinist busking for commuters is being called "fake." The clip of two musicians jamming along to Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" in a TTC station was shared online on Sunday, accusing the players of miming their performances. The post claims that several violinists have confirmed that the two weren't actually playing along to the song. 

"Recently saw these guys at a TTC subway station. At first glance, the music seemed very suspicious. Several violinists have now confirmed that these guys are an absolute fraud. It was sad to see upwards of 60 people circled around them, many giving them money," reads a description of the video.

Other Redditors quickly weighed in on the issue with hundreds of comments agreeing with the original poster's claims. 

"I'm no violinist but I can tell it's fake," wrote one user. 

Another user speculated that maybe the musicians were just attempting to play along with a soundtrack, "Yeah I hear four instruments, one of which isn't a violin, but only see two. Would be weird to buy an expensive electric violin just to scam people though. They might be trying to play along with a backing track."

The video was also posted on the popular Instagram page 6ixbuzztv, where it has been viewed over 240,000 times. 

However, it is worth noting that nothing has been confirmed by the TTC or the violinists themselves.

The TTC doesn't let just anyone busk underground. In fact, subway musicians have to go through an audition process to obtain their licence, only 75 of which are handed out a year.

So, next time you see some playing their heart out, just know that they have to have some musical experience to apply.

However, TTC recently eased their old methods of selection to allow more musicians a chance to jam out in their stations.

Applicants can even audition online, "This year we're changing things up. We have a new name for the program — Underground Sounds. We have increased the number of stations that have performers, and we are accepting online auditions for the first time ever," TTC states.

Due to this, it's unclear if the violinists were fully faking it as the Reddit post claims, or if they are just really as good as they sound. 

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