Police were called to a scene in Toronto's Mount Dennis area around 10:00 AM this morning to find a man in a vehicle suffering from a gunshot wound. 

Unfortunately, minutes later paramedics confirmed that the man had died from his injuries, making it the city's 34th deadly shooting this year

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Toronto Police arrived at Jane and Weston just after 10 am having received calls from people who reported hearing gunshots. They canvased the area and found the victim, who hasn't been identified yet, in a vehicle.

He was unconscious but still breathing when he was first found. However, paramedics later revealed that he was pronounced dead on the scene. 

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This wasn't the only fatal shooting in the city today. Even earlier this morning a 30-year-old man was shot and killed in Toronto's Greektown, the same neighbourhood that was the site of the recent Danforth shooting attack. 

The killings today bring this year's deadly shooting count up to 34, according to police data. There have also been a total of 264 shootings in the city in all of 2018, which is more than any recent years. 

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The Jane and Weston area remains closed for investigation as police are looking for any witnesses or surveillance camera footage that may give them more clues as to what happened. 

Source: CP24


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