Can't make the trip to Cancun or Jamaica this summer? Don't worry, you won't need to fly all the way to those places to experience tropical-like weather.

New forecasts by The Weather Network reveal that Toronto will feel significantly hotter than parts of Mexico, Egypt and Jamaica this weekend, with the heat arriving just in time for Canada Day. While base temperatures will be roughly the same across the cities, Toronto's humidex is set to make it feel as hot as 42 C on Saturday and Sunday and 40 C on Monday.

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Such represents as much as a 6- to 8-degree difference against the anticipated 'real feels' for the other cities on the same days:

Cancun, Mexico

Cairo, Egypt

Kingston, Jamaica

Toronto, Canada

Meteorologists Erin Wenckstern and Caroline Floyd warn that this weekend's heat wave will be one of the most extensive ones the province has ever seen, with record-breaking humidexes expected.

"For early July, a robust, sprawling area of high pressure aloft or 'heat dome' will anchor itself over the continental U.S. and Great Lakes, reinforcing the pattern and boasting extreme heat over parts of southern Manitoba through Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, as well as the majority of the United States."

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"Several days of hot weather will erupt across the region, leading to daytime highs into the 30s and even 40s stateside, leading to what may be our hottest stretch of weather for Ontario and Quebec this summer."

Residents are advised to stay cool and hydrated as much as possible and to load on the sunscreen if planning to soak up the sun outdoors.

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