Okay, so it's not the "whip out the parka" kind of weather, but Environment Canada's weather forecast for Toronto does call for some snow, marking Toronto's first snowfall of the season. 

Brought on by a considerable drop in temperatures over the coming days, Environment Canada predicts there will be precipitation Thursday evening with a chance of flurries. 

Torontonians can expect a mix of sun and clouds throughout most of the day on Thursday, but by the evening, temperatures will drop by about 12 degrees to a chill -5°C, coupled with showers and flurries. 

Although the rest of the week and into the weekend seems pretty clear, these chilly temperatures in the negatives are here to stay, with Friday evening dropping down to -6°C. 

With winter officially upon us, and forecasts calling for severe snowstorms for much of Ontario this winter, it might be best to err on the side of caution and take out that parka after all. 

But for this week, the gentle snowfall expected is just enough to effectively get us into the holiday spirit! 

Source: Environment Canada 

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