Driving under the influence is still a major problem in Ontario. Just this past Firday, 16 cases of impaired driving were recorded and Toronto is taking one step further: weed-breathlyzer.

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As of today, Toronto police say they plan to start testing two types of roadside screening devices that essentially breathlyzer that's meant to detect different drugs in a drivers system.  Instead of testing a drivers breath, it tests their saliva.

So far, drivers who test positive for drugs will not be charged with impaired driving as the device is still in the testing phase.

"None of these devices has been approved for use in the field to aid in the formation of grounds to lay any type of charges. Further, none of these devices has been validated as police equipment," said a police press release.

Drivers and passengers will have to volunteer to take part in the project, but to do so, they will have to show no signs of impairment. All volunteers will provide samples of saliva anonymously. The device is said to be able to detect recent use of weed, cocaine, meth and opiods. Toronto police's traffic services officers will test the devices.

And while for now this is just an experiment, we could definitely see this becoming a part of regular checks in the future. Michel Picard, parliamentary secretary to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, said the purpose of the project is to document the best practices and procedures in the use of the devices and the experience of officers using them on drivers.

With the changing laws on marijuana use, this project seems like a neccesary percaussion when it comes to impaired driving.

Source: CBC News

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