In a unanimous 39-0 vote on Tuesday, City Council agreed to review transit plans that will make for more affordable GO Transit service within all of Toronto. 

The proposed plans for the TTC and GO will include cheaper fares for those connecting to the TTC from GO Transit or the UP Express and proposes that Metrolinx accelerate its plans to create a single, comprehensive fare for all Toronto transit. 

In a motion proposed by Coun. Mike Layton, the city representative urged City Council to make it very clear to Metrolinx that the expectation is a "single fare for the city of Toronto."

This single fare for all Toronto transit would mean that all forms of transit - subway, bus, GO, and eventually, the SmartTrack - would be covered under one comprehensive fare. 

Metrolinx has been working to develop an integrated fare system for the GTA and Hamilton areas as of this fall, but City Council is now urging them to speed up the process with this new motion. 

Now that the motion was welcomed with open arms by council, if all goes well with the plan proposal, Torontonians can happily look forward to a future of cheaper, simpler transit for the entire region. 

Source: CBC

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