Get ready for another heatwave, Toronto! After a rainy week, the sun rays are coming back stronger than ever, and it's going to be super hot. The Toronto weather forecast this weekend is expected to feel like the low 40s.

After a risk of non-severe thunderstorms this Thursday afternoon, we are in the clear for a bright and sunny weekend, The Weather Network predicts. 

By Friday, calm conditions are to be expected across most of the region, yet southwestern Ontario could get a few showers. 

The heat is going to hit by Saturday, and it will be coming full force. 

Toronto weather is expected to reach a daytime high of 30 C on Saturday, while the humidex will make it feel like 36 C.

Sunday will get even toastier, feeling like 40 C, but that won't be the high point.

By Monday, we will be reaching a peak humidex value which will be feeling like 42 C. 

So give your plants extra water, eat more hydrating foods, and remember not to lay out in the sun too long without taking breaks. 

It's about to be a scorcher, and it does not look like it will be letting up anytime soon, with high temperatures carrying on into the week.

Friday and Saturday both forecast a total of 13 hours of sunlight per day, with temperatures slowly climbing as we move into the weekend.

Upload credit : The Weather Network

The hottest point in the region is actually going to be Sault Ste. Marie this Saturday, where it will be feeling like 39 C. 

It's been sweltering this year. In fact, Toronto has been rated one of the hottest places in Canada overall this summer. 

However, the 6ix isn't the only place that has been having unseasonably high temperatures. 

All of Ontario is on it's way to breaking records for searing heat throughout July. 


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