Summer is coming to an end, and Torontonians are doing all they can to soak up every last bit of sunshine. As sad as we may be to say goodbye to summer, the Toronto weather forecast for the next few days might actually make you look forward to those crisp fall days. Temperatures are set to soar this weekend.

According to The Weather Network, the rising heat and humidity into the weekend mean that Toronto could finally see its first 30 C August day. Which doesn't sound all that bad until you factor in the humidity making it feel more like 40 C. Plus, there's a good chance of thunderstorms all day long

Thankfully, the city has been mostly spared from the heatwave we experienced last August when 30 C highs dominated the forecast for at least a week.

The heat and humidity will hold strong starting this Saturday, lasting until Wednesday before finally cooling down. Then, The Weather Network reports that a cold front is expected to follow. Temperatures will plunge to the lowest we have seen since early June.

As for the approaching heatwave, Toronto's 7-day forecast says it all:

"High temperatures will only reach 20 to 22 C across our region. However, the cooldown will be brief, with warmer weather expected to return for next weekend," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

So, if you were planning to go to the CNE this weekend, stay hydrated! It is going to be hot enough to melt the ice cream cone in your hand faster than you can say “This cost me 11 dollars!”

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