The end of the summer is fast approaching in Canada and so are those cooler temperatures. Warm and sunny Toronto weather usually holds out until mid-September, at least. Unfortunately, an approaching cold front could change that.

According to The Weather Network, the cold front is expected to hit the province on Thursday, Aug. 8, so start prepping. It will bring cooler and drier air to areas like Toronto, which will have our morning temperatures feeling a lot more “fall-like” than we're ready for.

Thankfully, the oncoming cold front won’t affect the last days of summer too much, with daytime temperatures still sitting in the high 20’s.

Overnight temperatures are expected to drop down to 16 C on Friday.  Saturday morning will be a brisk 17 C but will heat up to 25 C by the time midday rolls around.

Here's a snapshot of the forecast this upcoming weekend in Toronto:

Strong winds and heavy rainfall struck the city today with thunderstorms affecting Toronto’s north and west end. Thunderstorm warnings are expected to stick around through Wednesday and Thursday of this week. However, skies are expected to clear up in time for the weekend.

Ontario will be back to above-seasonal heat early next week, but another cold front will track through the province shortly afterwards. In short, it'll be a rollercoaster of a month when it comes to our forecast.

"Warmer weather (with highs near seasonal) is expected as we head into the following weekend," explained Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

"It looks like the final 10 to 12 days of August will bring a return to above seasonal temperatures,” he added.

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